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Hair Straightening

Brazilian Keratin Treatment (Keratin Straightening)

Are you dreaming of straight, sleek and compliant hair for a long time? Do you want your hair shines with health? Do you want to jaundice and to provoke the admiration? We know how to realize it in life!

Our studio offers a new revolutionary system of hair’s straightening – Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment.

Keratin is the one of the main elements consisting in our hair. It is charged with flexibility, softness, elasticity and firmness to aggressive environment. Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment is the perfect choice for hair of any structure, state and length. This kind of hair treatment has several advantages compared to others systems: 

  1. Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment –

    – it is not a treatment of hair with chemical affinity, it’s a intensive cure which gives to hair irreproachable sleekness and brilliance. There is a keratin in preparation – the substance of which our hair consist for %90 and doesn’t contain any aggressive chemicals.

  2. Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment is perfectly right for any type of hair: Slavic, Asiatic, European and even Afro-American.

  3. You can use the Keratin Hair Treatment for hair after white colouring or chemical curling, also for dry and secant hair.  

  4. Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment sates hair with pure keratin; in that way it eliminates porosity of hair and the hair doesn’t fluff up, it looks healthy and well-groomed.

  5. Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment doesn’t damage the hair, it makes your hair more strong and healthy, it’s getting more complaisant for setting that’s allow to save your time and nerves.

The result of Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment will be seen right away after completing the treatment. You will be very surprised having seen the difference, even if you thought that your hair was completely healthy!