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Hair Reconstruction hair nursing and cure



Few women can state that they are absolutely contented with a state and surface appearance of their hair. Hair is the delicate substance and it’s not difficult to damage it irreparably but you can hardly recover the vitality and energy of your hair.

Hair’s Reconstruction doesn’t have an analogue in the world and is assigned for chemically treated, dry, damaged and delicate hair. It’s a protein-cocktail for damaged hair. Combined effect of oligo-minerals and ceramide favours to reconstruct a hair’s structure with double action – external and internal. 

Ceramides are practically amino acids of natural synthesis which are in the body of hair. Amino acids penetrate deep into the body of hair and replace ceramides which were lost as a result of exposure. Even if you wash a hair very often, the effect will hold out for a long time period.

This kind of treatment is not complicated and unbelievably nice allows to achieve excellent results from the very beginning. At the same time it’s easy of access for clients at home but after the consultation with master. Effectexceedsallexpectations.

For full reconstruction of dry and damaged hair it’s required from 2 to 6 procedures.

Our preparations consist of organic components and there is no silicone.