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Hair Lamination Treatment

Our hair it’s the index of health and nursing. Ideal image is not possible without beautiful and well-attended hair. And it’s very difficult to treat a hair especially with the rhythm of our life and ecology. We will help you to achieve perfection of your hair with a help of hair’s lamination.

We deal with hair’s lamination already long time period and it’s very popular among our clients. We work with certified and world-famous cosmetics for hair’s lamination (American line Paul, Mitchell and Japanese lamination Lebel).

So what is the point of lamination? Lamination protects your hair with a transparent breathful film which holds all nutrients. The laminated plastic itself consists of plant extracts, proteins and biologically active substances. The hair’s volume increases for 10-15 % because each hair is covered by protective film which makes a hair more thick what is very important for woman who has a thin hair.

One more advantage of lamination is that after you tint hair it keeps the color. At first the lamination will be washed off and only after the color. 

Lamination’s effect lasts on average 1 month, depending on how often you wash your hair. Before this procedure you can cure your hair with nourishing masks that will lead to keep all active substances on your hair under the laminated plastic.