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Hair extensions

Hair extensions

=> The long hair was always a feature of sexuality. What kind of woman doesn’t dream of the luxury of her hair provokes men to admire and rivals to envy? In order to grow your hair for 60 cm it will take 6 years at the minimum. But nowadays we have new technologies and you do not have to wait so long. It will take 2-3 hours and you are a QUEEN! Everything is at your feet!

=> I use modern systems of hair extensions with a help of which your short hair will be long and if it’s necessary to increase the volume of your hair, so you can become a pretty woman with splendid and thick hair for a short time period. With all this going on your real hair will be healthy and continue to grow better.

For your hair being in good state during 3-6 months it needs a high-quality materials and hands of professional master (7 years of standing).

Ultrasound Hair Extension is in common practice. It’s one of the most modern, delicate and effective technologies.  Ultrasound vibrations are passed through the machine into the keratin tip softening the bond and allowing it to be wrapped around the natural hair creating a seamless bond. Or so called Cold Fusion. This method involves fusing the hair extension to your hair using an ultrasonic hair connector. The primary advantage of this method is that there's no heat, meaning that the hair can be attached closer to the scalp. This method requires maintenance visits approximately every 6-8 months. Suitable for many types of hair extension systems (keratin silky straight hair, pre-bonded hair, nail hair and stick hair). The ultrasound makes keratin glue melt quickly, and then it’s easy to apply hair extension without high heat damage.

Micro Hair Extension is one more unique offer (this method is absolutely harmless for real hair) with a help of which you can achieve a brilliant result even if your hair is weak and thin. Micro Hair Extensions – the revolutionary way of adding length and volume to your hair without the need for glue, chemicals or heat. There’s no sewing or braiding, just simple micro ring hair extensions applied with nothing more complex than a set of fine pliers. Micro ring hair extensions are extremely small rings attached to 100% human hair. The hair has been carefully cut to ensure that all the cuticles remain on the hair shaft, and that all the hair is aligned the same way – giving you natural hair that feels just like your own. Using micro ring hair extensions ensures that your hair undergoes the very minimal damage possible when adding hair extensions, but at the same time provides maximum durability allowing you to wash your hair with ease or go swimming without worrying. The micro rings are so small that even someone standing next to you will never be able to tell you have hair extensions, and our wide range of colours and shades mean we have the perfect match for you. Micro hair extensions can remain attached to your for a recommended eight weeks before it’s advised you have them adjusted or removed to prevent any damage to the hair each one is attached to. Removal or refitting is simple and will leave your hair in the same original state it was before you had your micro ring hair extensions fitted.

When you choose micro hair extensions you’re looking after your own hair too, with no glue, heat or chemicals you’re gaining great looking hair without compromising your own hair health at the same time.


  • Works are of best quality confirmed by great number of diplomas, awards on competitions and championships, international exhibitions and seminars.
  • Documentary confirmed guarantee for 3 months (the only one in Crimea).
  • The use of the most recent development in the sphere of beauty and hair nursing and cure.
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • The use of only natural hair of best quality.