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Lili Mamutova

VIP master

All works in this category are individual and exclusive!

My main aim – health and beauty of your hair!!! The underlying principles of my work are professionalism, honesty, quality. I hope by visiting my website you’ll find the answers to many questions about the hair extensions. If not, you can call me anytime and I will provide you with all necessary and detailed information. Besides hair extensions we deal with hair’s sale and hair’s goods. In our shop you can always get a hair of best quality, also tresses from real hair and all necessary stuff for hair extensions and correction. 

=>  For today I am master of all hair extensions technologies for all practical training, but I chose for myself the most secure and to the maximum adapted for daily use’s methods of hair’s extension.

Hair’s extension is the labour-intensive process and it requires not only the experience but grand skills and creative approach as well. I am sure that our tandem will make your new way of looking not only perfect and beautiful but ideal.

Lili Mamutova – is a certified technologist master, the winner of international competitions, member of seminars and exhibitions. Time and again she carries out a teaching seminars about a new technologies. For today Lili Mamutova is :

  • GOLD MEDALLIST  of all-Ukraine’s championship of hairdresser's art in nomination «Wedding Coiffure» (27 of August, 2011) 
  • SILVER MEDALLIST  of the International championship «Hair Extension 2011» and of author's coiffure!!!


  •   9 of September - SILVER MEDALLIST  of Ukraine’s open championship.
  • 15-16 of September took the 6 place in the International championship of Russia’s Cup «Banks of Neva»


10 years of experience in «the forge» of woman's beauty did not pass without leaving a trace. Each of her created work is the etalon! You will find nowhere such a colossal output. Easiness of her movements brings to the delight. Beauty, nonordinariness, originality and exclusiveness of her works say that you need exactly THIS master. Each of us deserves the best. 

Take the risk, trust and we guarantee that you will fall in love with your new way of looking and you’ll be in the seventh heaven because you will be delighted by everyone and every day!

Do you want to get the best result of your dream? We offer the services over all and the most new technologies: Exclusive hair’s extension! Harmless and leading technologies:  Micro- and Ultrasound Hair Extensions.

  • As well as:
  • Bellargo – the system of hair’s extension. Technique BALMAIN
  • Technology of hair’s extension Rinex System
  • Technology of hair’s extension Belli capelli (russian)
  • Micro- Hair Extensions - Extend Magic – THE LEADER OF TECHNOLOGIES!!!
  • Taped Wefts – HairTalk 
  • American Technology of hair’s extension – CinderellaHair
  • Spanish Technology of cold hair’s extension – Rueber
  • Italian Technology of hair’s extension – EURO.SO.CAP and SO.CAP 
  • Alternative hair’s extension – Magic Tresses – Ultrasound Hair Extensions – NEW!!! THE LEADER!!!

Moreover there are always SUPER OFFERS in Felica’s studio: 

  • To highlight hair by hair extensions (without coloring your real hair)
  • Lamination
  • Reconstruction
  • Glazing
  • Brilliant glitter
  • Brazilian Keratin Treatment (Keratin Straightening)
  • Coiffures with the elements of competitive works
  • Fashion haircuts by Ultrasound
  • Permanent make-upEyelashes extension
  • Professional visage