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Beautiful Ladies, I am glad to see you on my website devoted to hair extensions.  Here you can find all necessary information about technologies of hair extensions, possible pros and cons of different methods, advices of hair nursing and cure, also you can get to know more about my works.

For my clients I offer only the best: selected hair, modern technologies and the splendid result is always assured.

Lili Mamutova

VIP master

In 2012 – became an all-round champion of Europe’s open championship of hairdresser's art in nomination «Hair Extensions. Fashion Way»

27 of August, 2011 – became a gold medallist of all-Ukraine’s championship of hairdresser's art in nomination «Wedding Coiffure».

11 of February, 2011 – on the International championship «Hair Extension 2011» and of author's coiffure among professional masters I represented the image of «Lady Moon» and became a silver medallist of competition. Of course I am not going to stop with everything I achieved. I continue my way to new winnings!

Lili deals with the most complicated works – hair extensions on a very short hair (from 1 cm) or very weak and thin hair. None of masters is able to do it. And in result it’s always regular masterpiece. 



In our studio you can find for yourself the best master from VIP level to master who makes inexpensive works but with invariably good result. In order to work in our studio they passed a competitive selection and training with Lili Mamutova. In that way, flexible price policy allows any girl to feel herself beautiful.



And it's not all yet! We make not just a hair extensions but we do your real hair growing healthy, strong and beautiful. Thanks to hair extensions your real hair grows much more fast. Because we have the best technologies and we use only natural materials. All you have to do is to make a correction in time, to stick to hair nursing recommended by master personally for you. We look after the state of your hair and advise to go for treatment if it’s necessary for achievement of the best effect.

Hair Extensions in the studio of Lili Mamutova it’s the best works are already over several years and you always receive %100 of foolproof result and guarantee! Micro tubes are so small that you can hardly see it and with our hair extensions you will be able to gather your hair in tail, to braid your hair, to style hair, to curl, to straighten out, etc. like with your real hair. You can wear our hair extensions endlessly, until you have a desire to change it to new one. Also you can use your old hair! In our studio we can make from it tress on hair-pins, tails, decoration goods for you and by your request.


In the art of hair extensions Lili like an enchantress works wonders… And each of her work is unexcelled masterpiece, when you are more feminine, sure of yourself with such a wonderful, chic and long hair! Hair Extensions emphasize your natural beauty!


Coiffure itself is the creation of individual image when you are really unique and feel yourself in the firm belief that you are Goddess.


When you need to color hair or a treatment of damaged hair with us your hair will be healthy and strong, and without any undercutting. The hands of master cut your hair in such a way that you will not have to arrange your hair for hours. The hair will take itself the form you need. 


Only professional master can do the impossible, that’s why any and even the most complicated work will be done splendidly. Each woman has her ideal of beauty to which she aspires and if none of masters did not help you to approximate to this ideal Lili will do her best with pleasure and realize what you dream of so much, for your eyes shine with happiness!

All works in this category are individual and exclusive!